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Saturday, October 27, 2012

1SD5's First Class Outing ♥

1S5's first class outing . 


Today , we went out to NEX as a class for the very first time . We met at 11 and went to the arcade . At around noon , we went to have lunch at PIzza Hut ! Although , not everyone were present , most of us had an enjoyable time and bonded well. This outing really made us closer . 

Today , for the very first time , everyone spoke to each other warmingly without any grudges with them. We teased each other , crack jokes and laughed wholeheartedly.
How I wished time would stop at that moment , when everyone were taking photos , smiling broadly expressing their happiness and excitement . I hoped we can plan such of more outings as a class and spend quality time together.

I'm sure everyone had an awesome time just now. Let's pray hard that everyone gets promoted to the same class again and have a crazy year ahead. We should make study groups next year and study together , don't you think so ? 

Eventhough we were together playing together , time passed very quickly and soon we bade each other goodbye . If only time went slower , we could have enjoyed more . All of us , including Mrs Lee , our form teacher cherished the moment and kept it close in our hearts . 

Here are some photos of us ! <3

                                              Simon ( in red cap ) 

                           Lamont / Ze En (sitted)  & Vivek / ZhengJie (standing)

  See the beautiful girl in yellow wearing sunglasses ? She's our class chairman , Lee                           Yan Yee! :D With her managing the class , she helps to lessen Mrs Lee's (form teacher) workload . ^_^  

From left : HuiXuan , Syarifah , Carmen , Chloe , Tricia , Samantha , LuYue , TongTong             (not in photo)

- Syarifah

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  1. Love the blog and music. Awesome. Trials and tribulations in 2012 have strengthened us I hope!
    Mrs Lee